‘The Bachelorette’ producer Cassie Lambert talks dating Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Is Arie's past destine to ruin him?

On next week’s episode of “The Bachelorette,” Arie Luyendyk Jr. — a man long known for being a favorite in this competition — is going to be thrown into the crosshairs over the revelation that he once dated Cassie Lambert like a million years ago for barely any time at all. Who is she? Let’s just say that she has been by Emily Maynard’s side pretty much all season as one of the show’s producers.

While this story has been circulating in the tabloids like wildfire for weeks, we are about to get the full story — and when it comes to Lambert, she really doesn’t have anything to hide. In a post on her Twitter account, she claimed that her relationship with Arie has really only dated for “a matter of weeks,” and that claims that she helped him out or “coached him” into how to win Emily’s heart are completely ridiculous.

Next week will be set in Prague, and it’s unclear whether or not she is going to let a detail from Arie (and Cassie’s) past ultimately impact how she feels about him. Should someone have told her? Probably — and while sharing details about an ex so early in the game is typically weird, it’s a different situation when one of the exes is following you around on a daily basis (if you can really call Cassie an “ex” at all.) While it’s Arie’s responsibility in a sense to bring this up, it’s also complicated. Cassie obviously did not want to influence her, and her telling Emily about Arie early on could have affected her opinion in some way when instead she could have gotten to know him first since who Arie (or Emily for that matter) dated in the past has nothing to do with their relationship present.

As much as we’ve come to like Arie on the show, really what ABC should have done was never cast him to begin with. There are millions of men around the country — why take one who has a past relationship to a producer? There’s no way to avoid making it become awkward if they stay around for a few weeks in the competition, and this show already has enough of a history of bizarre producer / contestant relationships.

What’s your take on this — should Arie really have been cast considering his romantic past, and is it his fault or Cassie’s for not telling her sooner?

Photo: ABC

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