‘Hell’s Kitchen’ review: Welcome to losing

Far from a Mexican fiesta.

Has there ever been a worse “Hell’s Kitchen” team then what we are seeing from the boys (plus Roshni) in blue this year? It’s almost like watching the Keystone Cops … if they Keystone Cops managed to be even more scatter-brained. Everyone wants to step up to the plate, but no one seems to know that this actually requires stepping up and trying to run a kitchen.

Things started off badly for the team, when they failed to impress in what was a Mexican-themed cookoff for the show’s first-ever celebration of the cuisine.  Their punishment? Having to endure the show’s terrible new twist where they have to eat something gross. They are already missing out on the reward (a trip to a fine restaurant as well as a salsa lesson), so why punish them even more?

In speaking of punishment, the rest of the episode treated us terrible in that it really didn’t provide much payoff at all. It’s the dreaded to be continued logo! Brian (who we find ourselves rooting for more and more as the days go on) and Roshni were the only two chefs left in the kitchen by the time service ended for the blue team, and the red team had a similar sort of ragtag crew. There were so many mistakes, it’s almost like none of the chefs had ever cooked Mexican food in their lives. To make matters worse, Kimmie spent half of the service screaming at Dana (who she wrongfully accused earlier in the episode of putting steak and fish on the same tray and serving it to Chef Ramsay) for a decision that she was really a part of. This wasn’t Kimmie’s best service, and it only looks like things are going to go downhill (and more emotional) from here.

So who are the people actually in jeopardy? That would be Guy (who has been fairly strong despite a weak outing here), Patrick (whose leadership skills turned into dust), and Danielle (who sent up two pieces of raw pork twice in a row). Somehow, Kimmie and Dana managed to save themselves, and even the walking disaster that is Royce seems to have it together.

Do you hate these “to be continued” episodes as much as we do?

Photo: Fox

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