‘MasterChef’ review: Marines and utter mayhem

The chefs left the kitchen for the first time.

If you know you are cooking outdoors for Marines in a limited amount of time, there is one question worth asking pretty much immediately — why in the world would you decide to cook a thick pork chop? This was a principal question that dominated the early portion of Monday night’s new “MasterChef,” as we saw the contestants leave the kitchen for the first time all season to take off to a military camp.

As the winners of the past challenge, Frank and David got the chance to pick team members — and the only real drama that came out of this was the revelation that both Ryan and Tali are not David fans, since they find him to be irritating and/or a bad leader. They were at least right about the “leader” part of this. His pork chop decision nearly sank the entire team, as they actually served raw meat at one point and had to flatten the chops out to the best of their ability at the last minute.

The irony here? David’s team still managed to end up winning, and it all came down to one thing — menu. As raw as David’s pork chops sometimes were, they were still better than the Italian-themed dish put out by Frank. Marines aren’t looking for Italian food — they want something comforting! The only thing that was crazier than Frank’s actual decision during the challenge was what his team did for the pressure test. Gordon Ramsay gave him a pass to use on either himself or another team member — and after he refused to take it, both Felix and Scott did the same thing. Finally, Stacey agreed to take it while feeling like a giant jerk in doing so.

The test itself was rather simple and all-American — create an apple pie. (As a side note, we really want apple pie now.) We’ve seen some crazy apple pies over the years, but none of them have ever (and we mean EVER) included cheese. This just sounds gross. Lucky for him, though, Scott’s experience couldn’t save him from a disaster. Meanwhile, Christine was at a giant disadvantage due to her vision keeping her from seeing the brownness of the crust for herself. She actually ended up doing great, and thanks to some encouragement from Chef Ramsay she may still have a chance to get her confidence back.

The chefs in the bottom here were pretty obvious — Michael, Scott, and Tanya — who was given a pretty quick reprieve despite not exactly doing a stellar job. Yes, the final two are Michael and Scott, and this immediately makes us think about Steve Carell. With the announcement that Michael was leaving, Scott is getting another chance. We can say at least that this 19-year old man learned a valuable lesson — cheese and pie don’t mix.

If you were cooking for a group of ravenous Marines on “MasterChef“, what would you make?

Photo: Fox

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