‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Mary Joyner, 787 Crew stun as auditions end

America's got ... pigs?

Rather than focusing on a single city during Monday night’s new episode of “America’s Got Talent,” the show opted instead to show off some highlights from various auditions over the course of the whole process. On the surface, this seemed like filler — but in reality, the show saved at least two of its best acts for last.

The good acts

Lil Starr – We’re not quite sure if a 6-year old child has ever existed with this much attitude. While at first you could dismiss this as some sort of crazy standout from an episode of “Toddlers & Tiaras,” it’s really more than that — while she’s not perfect, she is a great dancer for her age. If she stays dedicated, she could make it on “So You Think You Can Dance” in 12 years. (Granted, that is still obviously forever away — but it may be a better opportunity than this show.)

Jacob Williams – At 23, he’s young for a stand-up comic. But there is some seriously great deadpan humor in here. The jokes were spot-on, and the onscreen presence was of the geeky schmuck who really doesn’t know how to do anything with technology. It’s creative, and there could be a place for him in this business.

787 Crew – Dance crews rarely impress us on this show anymore, mostly because they are a dime a dozen — even if what they are able to do is by and large pretty crazy. This was one of the rare acts from somewhere other than the middle 48 in Puerto Rico, and they were exceptional. By far, this was the best dance crew of the season.

Mary Joyner – The daughter of Al and Florence Griffith-Joyner, Mary obviously has Olympic blood in her veins. However, she decided to make a name for herself as a singer. Can we give her a gold medal for this performance? We’ll at least give her the “America’s Got Talent” equivalent. She’s not necessarily the greatest singer we have ever heard on a reality competition, but considering all of the emotions that run through these audition shows she did a more than admirable job.

The bad acts

The Howard Stern fangirl – Well, we at least have to give someone credit when she is honest. We’re not going to dignify this by talking about it too much, but basically she just tried to fake a talent so she could meet Howard Stern.

Smooch Piggy – This was a strange way to start the show — with a “trained” pig that really seemed to be more interested in falling asleep on stage than actually doing any tricks. The best part of this act was that we saw Howard do one of his fantastic new fake-outs — acting like he was going to say “yes” to a ridiculous act, only to say “no” in the end.

The impressionist – It’s never a good sign when you are trying to do impressions, but no one can understand you when you are just trying to speak English.

Who was your final act from this week’s audition, and are you excited for the Vegas shows to finally start?

Photo: NBC

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