‘Dexter’ season 7: What loose ends need to be tied up?

There are mysteries to still be solved.

Dexter” is currently in the middle of shooting its seventh season, and the general consensus among many in the TV industry is that this serial killer is entering his home stretch. We know for sure that there is one more season after this … and then what? All good shows need to have an expiration date, and for “Dexter” fall 2013 may very well be the best time that Michael C. Hall and company say goodbye. Executive producer Scott Buck and Showtime head David Nevins have not firmly committed to this just yet, but this would run the length of Hall’s new contract.

One thing we will give the show’s producers credit for over the years is making sure that most of their loose ends are tied up in some form or another. Even some of the stragglers have been revisited already, with a noteworthy one being Jonah Mitchell during that bizarre “Nebraska” episode last season. However, there still are a few more holes that need to be addressed in the coming two seasons, and there’s only so much time left to get to them.

1. Lumen – Really, this is the granddaddy of them all. Have we really seen the last of her? The way her story wrapped up — with her suddenly leaving Dexter after they teamed up to kill Jordan Chase and his accomplices was frustrating, unsatisfying, and really quite frankly ridiculous. If Lumen was indeed Dexter’s soul mate (which some people seem to believe), then why hasn’t she turned back up?

At some point, this story does need greater closure — after all, she is the only person who both knows Dexter’s dark passenger and completely understands it.

2. Astor and Cody – It was almost a sitcom-esque move to kill off Rita and then ship away her kids to their grandparents, but they were nonexistent throughout season 6. We know that Astor blames Dexter for what happened, but Cody loved him. With Dexter seeming like such a caring parent, it would be strange to have these two fall off the map now forever without any resolution.

3. Louis – We know already that this is a loose end that will continue. The resident computer whiz is still at Miami Metro for season 7, and he may continue to pose a quiet threat to Dexter.

Although Louis has not said verbatim that he knows about who Dexter really is, you can read between the lines. (Or, in this case, a hand that is delivered to your house.) Can Louis really make it out of this show alive?

4. The Prados – Miguel died at the end of the show’s excellent third season, but his wife (who was good friends with Rita) is still out there — as is Miguel’s brother Ramon. It wouldn’t necessarily be realistic for them to be permanent fixtures in Dexter’s life, but it would be a nice moment to see the long-suffering family back in some shape or form before dropping the curtain.

5. Batistia’s personal life -There are some characters on this show with complicated love lives (Deb, Quinn, and even Dexter to name a few), but none are stranger than Batista’s. His marriage to Maria ended offscreen, and since that time he has simply bounced around and drank … constantly. We have already met his daughter and his baby sister, and are more invested in his character than many of his other cops — with all of this in mind, isn’t it fair that we want to see him happy?

What do you think are the biggest loose ends that the show needs to tie up? “Dexter” returns with its seventh season on September 30.

Photo: Showtime

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