‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoilers: Is someone getting blackmailed?

Someone will feel it in their pocketbook.

When it comes to the Hastings family on “Pretty Little Liars” and just about everyone linked to them, money has always managed to play some sort of role. We have already seen Spencer’s father pay off all sorts of cash in order to keep things quiet, as well as to hire a private investigator to look into a few matters related to both Alison and Melissa. In other ways, the family has a lot of green — and they are also willing to spend it to ensure that certain things stay hudden.

Apparently, this habit also potentially stretches to certain illegitimate children of the family patriarch. In a response to a post on Twitter from a fan — who said that they would pay an enormous amount of money for some Jason scoop — showrunner Marlene King offered up the following cryptic response:

“funny that you say that. He’s about to write a check for $50,000.”

So is Jason being blackmailed, or is he just offering up a bribe of his own in order to keep something quiet? These are two of the more serious explanations for the character spending a lot of cash — though anything’s possible, and maybe he’s just decided that he wants to cruise around Rosewood in a fancy sports car.

If nothing else, this news all but proves that even though Spencer now knows she has a new half-brother, Jason is still not out of the woods or clear from trouble just yet. The “A Team” is still around, and they are now in full force in response to Mona being locked away.

What do you think Jason is up to be writing these sort of ridiculous checks? Be sure to check out all of the sneak peeks for Tuesday night’s new episode “Kingdom of the Blind” by heading on over to this link!

Photo: ABC Family

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