‘Bachelor Pad’ season 3: Jillian Harris rooting for ex Ed Swiderski

Ed will be a part of the new season.

When Jillian Harris found out that her ex-fiance Ed Swiderski was going to be appearing on this season of “Bachelor Pad,” there were a number of ways that she could have handled it. She could have chosen to throw a giant tantrum about it and lament her dirty laundry possibly getting put on TV — or, she could decide to cheer him on and simply hope that he doesn’t embarrass her in any way. Based on what we are hearing, the new host of “Love It Or List It” (at least the spin-off series set in Vancouver) is choosing the latter. As a sidebar, she certainly did not choose “love it” with Ed.

In a new post on her blog, Harris admits that she is not only going to be rooting Ed on to find love through the show, but that the two at point even considered going on the show together — even though she ultimately decided against it:

“When I first heard Ed was thinking about it, it actually made me sick. Even though we’ve been apart for years now, I guess I’m still very territorial! But the more I thought about it, the more I realized this is a really cool opportunity for him and I’m proud of him. Who knows- he might even meet someone extra special!

“It was important for me to figure out a way to forgive and move on and I have this friendship to show for it!” Jillian continues. “As a matter of fact, Ed and I discussed going on the show together a while back – but I was just too nervous about getting hurt again. Turned out that the show’s schedule didn’t work with my NEW show schedule anyway … so I didn’t have to make the tough call. Oh my God- how funny would that have been if Ed and I came back on the show as a team!?!? (not a couple though!!!)”

Of course, it’s also possible that Jillian did not want to have somebody’s crotch in her face during a challenge as she hung on in the air for dear life. There’s no way of getting around it — “Bachelor Pad” challenges are among the most undignified on reality TV.

Harris’ relationship with Swiderski started off on a rough note courtesy of some tabloid rumors that surfaced around the end of her “Bachelorette” season, and they never went away — although the couple tried to make it work for months, they ultimately did end up splitting after trying to live together in Chicago.

You can check out the full cast of “Bachelor Pad 3” by hitting up this link. Also, be sure to come back Monday night for a full review of Emily Maynard’s next installment of “The Bachelorette.”

Photo: ABC

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