‘The Vampire Diaries’ spoilers: Joseph Morgan scoops season 4

Klaus: up to his old tricks?

When “The Vampire Diaries” does start off season 4, expect to see Klaus in a way that does not specifically include Joseph Morgan. Instead, the character will be trapped inside of Michael Trevino’s Tyler Lockwood until Bonnie (or someone else, if they suddenly decide to put on a witching cap) finds a way to pry him out.

So how does Morgan expect this entire deal to play out? With a combination of romance, sadness, and plenty of deception. Speaking in a new interview with E! News, the actor explained that specifically, Klaus would try to make the majority of his moves with Caroline while stuck in the body of one of his former disciples:

“I think it will end in tears, probably Caroline’s. I think Klaus will do his best to take advantage of the situation and to get something from it; I wouldn’t be surprised if he does … I wouldn’t be surprised if the first Klaroline kiss is in Tyler’s body, but eventually I think he’ll be found out because that has the most dramatic effect, right?”

Really, this story has the potential to go either way. If for whatever reason it is played out in a way that does show off some of Klaus’ signature charm, it could be thoroughly entertaining. However, they need to also find plenty of ways to ensure that this is a story that is distinct when compared to what we have seen already from Klaus when trapped in Alaric’s body back in season 2. The worst crime imaginable for a series is if it retraces its own steps — in particular in just its fourth season.

Joseph Morgan fans, don’t fret — it’s likely that the imprisonment within Tyler is likely only going to last for a handful of episodes, and he will be back in his physical form (and making his insane army of hybrid soldiers) before you know it.

What do you want to see happen when it comes to Klaus?

Photo: The CW

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