‘Big Brother 14’ spoilers: New video hints at twists, ‘four surprises’

Check out the promo below!

A new promo video for “Big Brother 14” aired during Sunday night’s CBS lineup — and sadly, it did not mention any of the things that we noted the show should consider in the wake of the “Glass House” trying to cash in on their concepts.

Instead, the promo does promise a few surprising things that we can expect to see come July 12 when the series returns:

There is going to be one of the biggest casts ever. This seems like a good thing to say from a PR perspective, but it’s really not. Instead, what we see this as is “we’re not sure if any of these people are good, so let’s throw them all in and see what happens.” More people means less time to get to know everyone, and the season is still likely going to be the same length.

We do understand why CBS and executive producer Allison Grodner would be doing this, though, if this is a way to try and keep people from making a day 1 alliance and working it to the end — something that has sucked the life out of both this show and “Survivor” as of late.

There are four “big surprises.”┬áPlease, don’t let one of these surprises be “Big Jeff,” or any other returning houseguest. At this point, we really don’t need to see any more returning players come in and make the newbies look like drooling fanboys. This show has the sort of loyal fanbase that will watch regardless of if there are new players or veterans, and we like our “Big Brother” to have a little bit of balance. If this is an All-Star season (which we doubt), then be sure that everyone has played before and it is a level playing field.

Who knows, though? This could just be a red herring for a shocking new twist.

What do you think of the new promo for season 14?

Photo: CBS

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