‘True Blood’ review: long live the king

There were some surprises this week.

“In Bon Temps, nothing stays buried for long.”

These were the words that opened up season 5 of “True Blood” courtesy of its first trailer earlier this year, and never did they ring true more than in Sunday night’s new episode. It was a violent hour, but one full of secrets — and characters staying alive despite logic suggesting that there was no way it could happen.

We have to begin, first and foremost, with what looked to be a gruesome shot of “Mississippi King” Russell Edgington at the end of the episode. Even though we still don’t know who is responsible for freeing him from his parking garage prison, he is gaining hs strength back rather quickly — and before long, his reign of destruction could very well return to the world. Surprisingly, though, Bill and Eric have found a way to use him as leverage. Thanks in part to their own mistake of leaving him alive, they have bought themselves a small reprieve from the True Death at the hands of the Authority, who realize theĀ importanceĀ of having Edgington dead first and foremost. (As a sidebar, how fantastic was Christopher Meloni in his first appearance as Roman?)

Elsewhere, we also saw both Sam and Alcide survive a rather gruesome death at the hands for Marcus’ old pack — one that Joe Manganiello’s werewolf refuses to lead. He continues to want to be alone, and Sam could be joining him after his relationship with Luna took a turn for the worse the very moment he suggested that Luna’s daughter Emma continue to see Marcus’ mother in the event that she ends up being a werewolf (which does seem to be the case). It’s an interesting story happening here, but with so many plots it really doesn’t feel like it is getting its due. The same can be said for what is currently happening with Jason Stackhouse and the (always incredible) Andy Bellefleur, along with whatever sort of secret Terry is apparently trying to keep secret from Marlene.(If there’s ever a story that goes back to something staying “buried” in a metaphorical sense, it’s this one.

This episode was (minus a few great moments from Chris Bauer, a bit of Pam’s backstory, and Nelsan Ellis in general) a bit shaky, and one of the reasons for that is simply that Sookie and Lafayette had to spend pretty much the entire episode trying to get Tara to stop destroying their house. Near the very end, she finally stated her first line as a member of the undead — and it was simply that she would never forgive them for turning her before she bolted away from the house.

True Blood” has established a mold over the past few seasons, and this one is continuing it yet again. There are always a few episodes meant mostly to set up events later on, and this was largely what happened tonight. As cool as it was to see the Authority for the first time — in addition to that scary face at the end — there is still a major part of us hungering for so much more thus far.

Photo: HBO

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