‘Falling Skies’ season 2 premiere review: A stronger invasion

Tom is back!

When “Falling Skies” first premiered last year, we had a series that was great in concept but only okay in execution. The idea of a group of ragtag survivors trying to make it through an alien invasion was interesting, but it felt as though many of the characters were never fully realized.

While we hear time and time again about how changes behind the scenes can be serious trouble for a show, the work that producers did behind the scenes here to mix things up for season 2 was stellar. This two-hour premiere was not only action-packed, but there was some great character work in here. We genuinely care about the struggle some of these characters were going through, and this alone managed to raise the stakes.

The story for the episode was told through a narrative that should feel familiar with “Lost” fans everywhere — while we saw a story of Tom and his regiment three months after he entered the spaceship, this was interspersed throughout with how he found himself in that position. There were some truly awesome moments (him taking down what we consider to be the Skitter commander), and some things that were downright freaky (watching an alien slug-like creature get pulled out of his eye).

As great as the individual moments were, the real reason that “Falling Skies” has raised it’s game is simply an issue of tone — we knew these people were in as dangerous a position as possible in the first season, but this time around you really felt it. This was a darker, at times horrifying show (at least for all of the right reasons), and it was immediately more captivating to watch. Do we understand everything about the invasion yet? Not even close, but we are on the road to answers — and thus far, the road is more enjoyable than ever. Now, we just hope that Tom lives to see another day. (He barely made it out of this one alive.)

Did you think that the season 2 premiere was a major step in the right direction versus the show’s first season?

Photo: TNT

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