2012 MMVAs red carpet: Lucy Hale, ‘Glee’s’ Darren Criss, and more

The red carper coverage is here!

The 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards are upon us! We’re going to have continuous coverage of the show as it happens, and it all begins with one of the best chances a few lucky people have to see the likes of Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and more up close and personal — the red carpet.

The red carpet special began an hour before the Canadian awards show on 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, and we are going to have a live blog right here for those of you unable to watch — or are just looking for some snap judgments on some of the arrivals.

8:02 p.m. Eastern – Our first arrival of the night is here! Carly Rae Jepsen followed the show’s tradition of fancy cars, and arrived in a convertible decorated with shirtless men. (This certainly redefines what she meant by that “skin was showing” line in “Call Me Maybe.”)

8:04 – Nelly Furtado talked about her new songs “Big Hoops” — and this interview really just felt awkward.

8:06 – Rico Rodriguez of “Modern Family” got the same sort of treatment from the show’s fans that Justin Bieber gets on a regular basis.

8:10 – Bieber is in the building! He arrived this time around with a rather special guest — and no, it wasn’t Selena Gomez. Instead, it was one of his younger siblings. It was interesting seeing how quickly Justin’s expression changed the moment the interviewer brought up the subject of his girlfriend.

8:15 – Just how famous is Darren Criss? Thanks to “Glee,” he can apparently go to an awards show without shaving and with just putting on a blue jacket over what he was wearing earlier in the day.

8:21 – Jesse Metcalfe arrived. He may be on “Dallas,” but is it weird that we know him as much for the rumors from the past linking him to “Bachelor” winner Courtney Robertson?

8:23 – MuchMusic showed off someone lip-syncing. Oh joy!

8:26 – What is it with celebrities bringing kids on the red carpet this year? Katy Perry decided to come to the show with an army of children dressed up like her … which was weird. One of the kids wearing cupcakes on a certain part of her body was weird beyond words. There’s really no other way to put it.

8:30 – Chord Overstreet heavily suggested that he is going to be back. More on that story here.

8:36 – Ed Sheeran showed up his curly orange hair, and he was quickly followed up by Perez Hilton in an afro. Apparently, giant hair is a theme of the MMVAs as much as children.

8:42 – Marianas Trench win the award for strangest arrival by showing up in a bouncy castle with horses attached to them. Was this some sort of dream that one of them had after one too many? Regardless, applause for the creativity –and for not bringing a child army.

8:56 – We were worried that Lucy Hale wasn’t actually going to show up for the red carpet show (though she was confirmed to be stopping by), but it happened! Unfortunately, Lucy didn’t have much to say in the way of “Pretty Little Liars” scoop.

8:59 – Cody Simpson arrived, and that was sadly the end of the special.

Stay tuned for more, including possible sightings of “Pretty Little Liars” actress Lucy Hale, and more!

Photo: MuchMusic

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