‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Does new photo show Deb’s next move?

Season 7 starts September 30.

For those of you who love “Dexter,” we have another calculated hint at just how Deb may be reacting to the stunning (and really quite frankly unfathomable) news that her brother is a serial killer.

(Warning: the following contains some possible season 7 spoilers.)

The new photo at the bottom of this article was first published in a new issue of TV Guide Magazine (hence the faded image), and was later published to a Tumblr page. As for what it shows, it appears to be Dexter lighting some sort of match while Deb looks on. Is he getting ready to burn the body of Travis Marshall? We don’t know how many other explanations there are for it.

What also seems to be rather notable here is that Deb does not appear to be holding up her gun anymore, as she was in the first photo that we posted from the September 30 premiere. It’s not necessarily an indication, though, that she is accepting what Dexter did to Travis and allowing it to happen — she may just be too much in shock to know what to do. She knew that Travis was a killer, and from that standpoint deserved exactly what he got. Does that justify what Dexter did? This is where the whole issue of “gray areas” is going to come into question, as is how much Deb’s moral compass has changed since she was a cop working on vice during the first season.

What does this mean?

Regardless of your thoughts on this initial picture, remember one thing — this is not going to be something for Deb that gets solved overnight. In addition to her pre-existing feelings for Dexter, she’s now going to have to wrestle with the fact that he was never who she imagined him to be.

What do you think this new image represents?

Photo: Showtime

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