‘True Blood’ preview: Tara’s on the loose!

A new episode airs Sunday.

On Sunday night’s new episode of “True Blood,” we are going to get a perfect example of what happens when you take someone who is always in a perpetual state of being ticked off, and then a find a way to make them even angrier.

Can you really blame Tara at this point? First, she was brutalized by vampires; then, Debbie Pelt shot her in the head during the season 4 finale. She was on death’s door until Pam managed to convert her into a vampire — and now, she is the very thing that she despises.

The new preview video below really does not show much, and instead focuses¬†primarily¬†on Tara throwing one of the biggest vampire temper-tantrums that we have ever seen inside of Sookie’s house. Rather than trying to deal with it herself, though, Sookie instead encourages Lafayette to try and grab her. Will this strategy (whatever this is) actually work? Probably not, since neither he nor Sookie can do anything with their own free will to control a vampire (even if they have some powers of their own) — at least so long as they don’t channel someone or use their fairy powers.

Also in this episode, expect to see Christopher Meloni’s character of Roman for the first time, as Bill and Eric end up being sent straight to the Authority to face the consequences of some of their past actions. Speaking of consequences, Alcide is going to have to deal with an angry and rebellious pack — which just so happens to include Marcus’ own mother.

Check back after Sunday night’s new episode — we’ll have a review up just as soon as we are able to wipe off our fangs.

Photo: HBO

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