‘Glee’: Why does Glenn Beck want to destroy the show?

It's a strange thing to be upset about.

There are some weird things for people to be upset about in entertainment — and “Glee” is one of them. It’s a musical comedy that is occasionally racy, but more than anything else it conveys a message that is positive not just when it comes to the arts, but how you should treat other people.

So with that, it’s fairly ironic that Glenn Beck has decided to repond to the show with a message that is not entirely positive or uplifting:

“A year ago I was watching the show ‘Glee’ with my wife and we watched it like this … It’s horrifying some of the things that they’re teaching high schoolers.But it’s brilliantly done. It’s brilliantly done … I said at the end of it, we lose. There’s no way to beat that.”

Wait … since when is it a competition to try and defeat Rachel Barry and Mr. Schuester? Regardless of any sort of political affiliation, the irony here is that Beck, whose show is often jam-packed full of opinion-based content, is blasting another show for carrying its own sort of agenda. It just so happens to disagree with his own.

Ultimately, parents already have to know that there is no way to control what is on TV — all you can try to do is influence what they watch. While “Glee” is not necessarily a show for young kids due to some of its thematic content, there are plenty of messages for teens to get out of it — and if they don’t agree with its message, the best suggestion is just not to watch it. All complaining about it does is produce more headlines and mobilize the fan base.

You can check out more of Beck’s comments about the show below (via Talking Points Memo). Do you think that “Glee” is really a strange cause for Beck to go after, in particular since it is one he cannot impact in any way?

Photo: Fox

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