‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoilers: Watch ‘Kingdom of the Blind’ sneak peeks

What's buried underneath the surface?

As is the case every Saturday, we are back with a full look at Tuesday night’s new “Pretty Little Liars” — and it’s all courtesy of some sneak peeks!

The first thing we should make apparent about “Kingdom of the Blind” is in the episode’s very title — Jenna’s vision (or supposed lack thereof) and the major role it’s going to play this week. The Liars all convince Aria to go forward with performing with her in hopes that they can form some sort of bond, but apparently these ladies are all forgetting something — that Jenna could see what Aria was doing when she blew her off last week in regards to rehearsing with her.

Now, Aria has to make amends — and she also has to make it appear that she is clueless about the fact that her newfound “pal” can actually see. It’s not going to be an easy task for her — but then again, this still has to be a little bit better than trying to deal with Mona.

Speaking of Mona, she is going to be a subject of some pretty heated debates between Hanna and Caleb. Unsurprisingly, Hanna’s boyfriend wants to make sure that she steers clear of someone who last tried to kill one of the girls when she was out in the real world — however, Hanna seems completely oblivious for whatever reason as to how dangerous Mona really is, and seems to think that she is now heartless.

Someone needs to let Hanna in on the fact that there could be other visitors here that she’s doesn’t quite know about … along with the suggestion that Mona may not stay in Radley forever. There’s also someone else she is not thinking about at the moment as a threat — Lucas. Based on his conversation with Caleb, he definitely knows more than he is letting on — especially when it comes to things buried in the past that may just now be starting to surface.

Finally, we turn to Emily — whose story is largely entertaining because she thinks she is far more danger when she really is. When the make-up test scores come back, she realizes that there is no way she could have possibly passed with the sort of high marks that she received. However, she thinks it is someone out to sabotage and blackmail her — and not Aria’s mother just trying to throw her a bone after everything she has gone through.

Be sure to check out all of the rest of our “Pretty Little Liars” news, and share your “A” theories below! We think that Lucas has to at least be associated with the “A Team” at this point, but he still seems like an awfully obvious choice.

Photo: ABC Family

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