‘Sister Wives’ preview: Would Kody Brown consider a fifth wife?

Four is enough!

Kody Brown has already found a way to love and take care of four “Sister Wives” in Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn … so is there any way that he would consider adding a fifth? Based on what the guy is saying now, it’s fare to say that it is best not to count on it.

While on a private vacation with Meri during Sunday night’s new episode, the subject of another wife briefly comes up when the two encounter a woman who they both equally are interested n on some level — even if it is not in an overtly romantic way. A sort of petty argument ensues, and (quite possibly for the sake of drama) the footage is spliced in with the other three wives talking about whether or not thy would be okay with Kody welcoming another addition to the family.

Regardless of whatever anyone else thinks (including us), Kody makes it pretty clear in the video below that he has no intention of this ever happening. Is he probably the butt of jokes all the time that he is going to marry pretty much any woman he meets to build up his numbers? Probably, and it may actually lead to him being a little defensive about it. Then again, he has also placed himself in a position where he will be constantly placed under a microscope regardless of whether or not he likes or appreciates it.

Ultimately, we can’t really spend too much time debating on it — for a show that is as controversial in practice as “Sister Wives” is, the show is actually pretty tame and does not really show some of the backlash that comes from a plural marriage. At the end of the day, it’s really easy to judge his life, but seems fairly hard to live it.

Photo: TLC

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