‘Megastunts’: Did Nik Wallenda ‘walk the wire’ over Niagara Falls?

ABC broadcasted the show.

On Friday night, ABC took a break from their typical schedule of serious news shows to showcase the story of Nik Wallenda — a man who was actually crazy enough to walk on a tiny wire across the famous horseshoe of Niagara Falls — for a special edition of “Megastunts”. Is it worthwhile entertainment? Sure, at least so long as he survives. The basic idea of putting this on live TV is absolutely insane, mostly because we have no idea what happens if this guy falls, and it’s nearly impossible to replicate the conditions of a place as wet and unpredictable as the falls.

While the journey across the wire has not happened yet, we are going to be live-reporting the whole ordeal in all of its horror / amazement. Stay tuned throughout the night for updates — including some snappy and occasionally cynical judgment about ABC making a three-hour event out of somebody basically risking their own life for our entertainment.

9:20 p.m. Eastern time – We are beginning things here by looking back at Nik’s life. He is from a family of daredevils — and considering that one of his past relatives plummeted to their death doing this same sort of thing going from building to building. There’s no question that Nik is a brave guy. But isn’t there a difference between being brave and being insane?

9:50 – As it turns out, Nik is actually going to be wearing a safety harness for the first time ever — and he doesn’t really seem to be all that excited about it. So why is he wearing it? Let’s just say that it is due to the requests of the network and its sponsors, who surely don’t want to carry live television that could potentially kill someone.

10:15 – After about 75 minutes of ridiculous hype (and a safety harness that was a bit of a bummer for danger fans out there — even though we are glad he’s safe), the journey finally began! It was slow, methodical, and the harness made him look like he had a tail.

10:41 – The walk ended after about 25 minutes, and there really wasn’t any tension to it at all. While the visuals here were stunning and Nik put his heart and soul into it, this entire ordeal just felt like a bit too much hype and not enough substance. There was no tension to the walk really at all, but credit has to go to the ABC commentary crew for at least trying to make this intense. Congratulations to Wallenda, for his achievement — and to the Canadian government for hilariously asking for his passport once he made it across the border.

Were you thrilled by watching it, or was this just all a giant disappointment to you?

Photo: ABC

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