‘Saturday Night Live’ debate: ‘Real Housewives’ and other trainwreck hosts

Let's brainstorm ... shall we?

Last week, we published the first in our “Saturday Night Live” summer series focusing on who some of the best hosts out there would be from the TV world. With Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg both leaving the cast (and with Jason Sudeikis’ future still very much in limbo), producers absolutely need to bring some people on the show that will legitimately get people excited.

This week, we’re looking at it from the flip side: Who would be the worst possible hosts? Some of these TV-related people are bad ideas in theory, some look good on paper. Others, meanwhile, are just ridiculous and we are having a laugh just thinking about them hosting a show like “Saturday Night Live”. Nobody should really take any offense to being “honored” here — we’re just having some fun.

For those curious, the real bookings for next season will probably be announced come late August or early September.

The list

Kim Kardashian – Shouldn’t this one be obvious? Just because you are popular — and just because “SNL” has made fun of you at times in the past — does not make you a good host. Plus, we have a feeling that most Kim Kardashian haters would revolt.

Matthew Weiner (“Mad Men” showrunner) – Thanks to some negotiations between the “Mad Men” creator and NBC, Weiner’s episode would likely end up airing around six months later than the previously-intended date.

Any of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” – No matter who you put on this show as a host, they would each get distracted in the middle of a sketch and talk about someone else in the cast that they don’t like. Let’s stick with the “Real Housewives of Disney.” That was funnier.

Steven Tyler – It sounds like a great idea on paper, and he’ll be great in the rehearsals. But once you put him on live TV, he’ll lose all of his edge, zone out, and tell all of the cast members that they’re “beautiful.” At least the musical performances would be great.

Charlie Sheen – This is solely dependent on which Charlie Sheen shows up. If it is “‘Two and a Half Men‘ season 1″ Charlie, it’ll be really funny. If it is “‘Two and a Half Men’ season 8” Charlie, then it’s very possible he won’t make it to set — and if he does, it’ll be with a  briefcase full of magic and a horde of goddesses.

Amanda Bynes – Five years ago, she would have been great. Now, we have a feeling this would go about as well as Lindsay Lohan’s last attempt to host the show. “The Real Housewives of Disney” was her only good sketch, and that was because of Kristen Wiig.

Ryan Murphy (“Glee” showrunner) – The first thirty minutes will be awesome, but then he’ll run out of ideas and the show will slowly fade away into obscurity despite all of the hype.

Jenelle Evans (“Teen Mom“) – Over the course of the 90-minute show, she would make up and break up with her boyfriend / fiance fifteen times. Oh, and she would spent half of the show shouting.

Chris Harrison – Right in the middle of the final sketch, Chris will break character and remind everyone that “this is the final sketch of the night.”

Anderson Cooper – He can’t get through a RidicuList about Gerald Depardieu without laughing. How can we expect him to deal with an actual team of comedy writers? Then again, this might be great when it comes a bunch of unintentionally-funny viral videos.

By your estimation, who do you think would be the biggest trainwreck host for “Saturday Night Live” next season? Be sure to share your thoughts and answer in the poll below!

Photo: NBC


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