‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 teaser video: Bryan Cranston is ‘the danger’

Frightened? You should be.

“The king is dead — all hail the king.”

While these two lines don’t necessarily make just a ton of sense on their own, it is a rather effective way to describe the man that was Gus on season 4 of “Breaking Bad,” and the man that Walter White is about to become.

Unfortunately, the new trailer for season 5 of the show does not really do much at all when it comes to providing us with key plot points or any new footage from the upcoming season. Instead, it starts off by showing the melted face of one Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito), and ends with Walter (Bryan Cranston) telling his wife Skyler (Anna Gunn) that he is now “the danger,” and is the one that everyone will now fear.

This man is a far cry from the one that we first met as a high school chemistry teacher trying to pay off his cancer treatment back in season 1. This new attitude from Walter could put Jesse (Aaron Paul) in a rather precarious position, and it does allow us to ask this one all-important question — is there any way that this man will get out of this mess alive? Even if you assume that somehow Walter is going to meet his maker as a result of his actions (especially since everyone else who was in his position before him are all six feet under), the mystery will still be both how and why it happens.

Who knows, though? There are still sixteen episodes left (with the latter half airing next summer), and on paper it is possible that he could change. Do we think this will really happen? That’s an entirely different story.

What do you think about this teaser, and do you see any way that Walter will make it through this home stretch alive?

Photo: AMC

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