‘The Glee Project’ video: What makes Aylin Bayramoglu teary-eyed?

Why is she tearing up?

Even though “The Glee Project” is only two episodes old at this point, Aylin Bayramoglu is already establishing herself as a memorable character. Despite nearly getting sent home the first week, she has since managed to turn it around a little bit by remembering one key detail — it’s okay to have fun!

One week after she went on a kissing spree and made fellow contestant Charlie start to think he was a contestant on “The Bachelorette,” she is going to be getting a little bit emotional Tuesday night over something that has been prominent in her past — bullying. During her recording session with Nikki Anders, she reveals that she endured a great deal of bullying when she was in high school over her family’s Muslim heritage — saying at times that people referred to her as a “terrorist” and often mocked other parts of her way of life.

As painful as that experience was for Aylin then, it may be working out in her favor now. Her religious background helps her to stand out from the mold a little bit, and “Glee” itself has never had a character who has any sort of association with Islam. In doing so, they would be helping to bridge the gap with something that has been a sore spot in America for more than a decade. While we doubt that someone like Aylin would like her entire personality to be judged based on something as simple as faith, her presence on TV could bring a very important sense of peace and understanding to a culture that many opt to remain ignorant about.

In going back to the show, Aylin and the other contestants are singing a rendition of “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M. that is intended to show off their vulnerable side — something that happens on “Glee” on just about a weekly basis.

Do you think Aylin has the potential to pull this off — and even win the show?

Photo: Oxygen

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