‘Grey’s Anatomy’ spoilers: Kevin McKidd spills more on Owen’s future

The couple's future is still unclear.

We already know that Owen is going to try and fight to get Cristina back on “Grey’s Anatomy,” but just how far is he willing to go? If you base your answer on Kevin McKidd’s response, it looks as though it could very well be to the ends of the earth and back. Will he have his work cut out for him? Definitely, but certain events could end up playing out in his favor during season 9.

After having a one-night stand behind his wife’s back during season 8, McKidd tells Entertainment Weekly that in many ways, the tragedy of the plane crash could offer up a clean slate for Cristina to try and develop something real with him again:

“I think the plane crash changes the landscape dramatically … I’m interested to see where they’re at. Owen wants to win her heart back, and I would imagine he’s going to do everything in his power to do that. Again, it’s so interesting the way the writers write such amazing storylines, so I can’t say that’s what’s going to happen but that would be my wish. I hope he’s her rock and fights for her.”

Cristina and Owen’s status as a couple could in many ways actually be essential to the show. With the death of Lexie, the only couples left are Meredith and Derek and Callie and Arizona that really have a long-form storyline. (Mark and Lexie were not really together at the time of her death, but there was still chemistry.) There is potential with Jackson and Avery, but they still have a long way to go in order to catch up with some of the other doctors in love over at Seattle Grace.

What do you think the odds are that Cristina and Owen get back together next season? Personally, we have it at around 80% — but we want to hear your thoughts below!

Photo: ABC

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