Former ‘American Idol’ star Tim Urban covers Rihanna’s ‘Distrubia’ (video)


Oftentimes, the best covers are the ones that you literally never see coming. Who ever thought that former “American Idol” season nine contestant Tim Urban would actually cover one of Rihanna’s biggest hits? Not only has Urban posted a new cover of “Disturbia” on YouTube, but it totally works.

One of the reasons that Urban really executes this well is that he doesn’t just try to make it feel like a Rihanna song — he captures the lyrics, and then makes a few interesting choices vocally like taking a few noes down a half-step to give his version of the chorus a more haunting feel. While Rihanna’s version of the song may be more dance club-ready, Urban’s cover actually gives a better showcase for some of the lyrics. (What always made “Distrubia” such a bizarre hit to being with was that it was one of those songs people would dance to without really understanding why they were dancing.)

Some other songs that Urban has recently covered on his YouTube page include Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” and a pretty genius remastering of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” (where he literally changed up the major melody lines). What do you think of this cover?

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