AMC’s ‘The Killing’ finale spoilers: Billy Campbell teases big reveal

The Killing
The truth is about to be revealed.

After two seasons of buildup, it’s time to find out just who killed Rosie Larsen — and even the most paranoid of fans should know that “The Killing” is definitely pulling the trigger (pun intended) on the big reveal during Sunday night’s finale. Even though there are some major suspects at the moment (primarily Jamie), that does not mean that they are actually guilty of anything — as a matter of fact, one of the show’s stars seems to believe that people will be genuinely surprised.

In a new interview with E! News, the criminally-underrated Billy Campbell (who we also still remember fondly from “The 4400”) did his part to hype up the final few minutes of the show with as much suspense as he could muster:

“It was pretty terrific … All I can say is that I think the ending is perfect. I think it’s both a shock and it makes perfect sense. Actually kind of a double shock.”

As for some further evidence when it comes to how big a secret this truly was, Campbell claims that he didn’t find out who Rosie’s killer was until he read the final script — and this is coming from someone who was once one of the biggest suspects. It’s clear that the actors and the writers have their work cut out for them here in making sure that the reveal lives up to some astronomical expectations — the show got a bit of a bad rap going into the start of season 2, but the slow pacing at first didn’t serve to help things. However, the past few weeks have been stellar when it comes to some of the pieces finally starting to come together for an investigation that has been fairly tense from the very beginning.

Based on the words “double shock,” who are you leaning towards now as Rosie’s killer? Be sure to check out a video preview for the episode!

Photo: AMC

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