ABC, ‘The Glass House’ win in court; CBS, ‘Big Brother’ lose … for now

It survives, at least for now.

Is the battle between ABC and CBS officially over when it comes to “The Glass House“? Not entirely, but it looks like the producers behind the alleged “knock-off” of “Big Brother” scored a key win in court Friday morning.

U.S. District Court Judge Gary Feess ruled to not allow CBS to file a temporary restraining order against the show — and with that in mind, all signs point to “The Glass House” airing its season premiere on Monday as originally planned. The show has used the timing of the lawsuit has an argument from the get-go, saying that keeping the show off the air would cause them to loose millions of dollars in marketing as well as in production costs. It also has claimed that there are enough tangible differences between the two shows to not constitute a copyright violation.

CBS is likely not going to take this loss lying down, though, and we should expect to see them pursue even further legal options moving forward to try and shut down “Glass House”. With that being said, this is an issue of timing at this point — and “Glass House” is going to have an episode out there before they can really make another move to to take it off the air.

So what’s our viewpoint on this case? As a longtime “Big Brother” fanatic, it’s upsetting to think that another show can be so similar when it comes to its format and be allowed on TV — especially now that this lawsuit has given it so much extra press. Then again, it may still be entertaining — and so long as it doesn’t take away ratings from CBS (which it hopefully will not, since they air on different nights), we can’t be altogether mad about it. Now if both shows bomb because of all this drama and are each canceled, then this is one “Glass House” that we will be throwing stones at.

What’s your take on the ruling, and on “Glass House” airing despite the obvious similarities?

Photo: ABC

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