‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: First photo of Dexter, Deb facing off

Deb's not taking this well...

Dexter” is going to waste absolutely no time at all in posing a rather difficult question — is Deb going to turn in Michael C. Hall’s title character? Based on the new photo to the left from the September 30 premiere (via TV Guide), it’s certainly possible.

The photo clearly shows what is the natural continuation of Deb just watching her adopted-brother-who-she-also-has-the-hots-for kill Travis Marshall in a room covered in plastic wrap. Wouldn’t you pull a gun on him, too? In all honesty, we all probably know that Dexter is going to make it out of this alive — mostly because there wouldn’t be a show without him. But is Deb going to understand what he is doing, and could she actually decide to aid him in his quest to rid the world of baddies? Over time, she has started to drift from that frustrating “everything is in black or white” sort of philosophy from the earlier seasons — which is certainly good considering the predicament that she is in now.

Showtime has been extremely careful (more careful than Dexter in a kill room, even) when it comes to keeping their secrets about season 7 under wraps. It’s possible that much of the main storyline has to do with Deb’s reaction to this very scene, but we do know that at least multiple episodes will center around a gentleman’s club managed by Jason Gedrick, and that former “Chuck” star Yvonne Strahovski has a major recurring role as a woman named Hannah — one who could end up being on Dexter’s radar for a variety of different reasons. (We’re hoping more for villain rather than love interest — mostly because we’re one of the few people out there who actually liked Lumen.)

Even though it reveals absolutely nothing about the new season, you can torture yourself by watching the teaser for the new season below.

How do you think Deb is going to take the news?

Photo: Showtime

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