‘The X Factor’ notes: Demi Lovato, Niall Horan, and Misha B

Does Demi have a new guy?

Despite it being the offseason for “The X Factor“, the show is starting to kick off its filming both in America and in Britain — so why not celebrate with a pair of stories?

Are Niall and Demi together? – Do we have a new hot couple with American judge Demi Lovato and Niall Horan of One Direction? Nobody is saying just yet but there are some serious signs that something is happening here. (By “serious signs,” we mean evasive answers to interviews to go along with some Twitter messages here and there.)

Niall managed to light the flame even brighter earlier this week, when in an interview with Ryan Seacrest he carefully danced around the question of Demi — referring to her as “cool” before saying that he will have to wait and see what happens with the two of them. It’s hard to imagine that they have much time (if any) to spend together … but they do at least look like a good potential couple on paper.

Now, we just have to hope that if they ever get together One Direction fans don’t go completely crazy on Demi like they have with some other rumored girlfriends for some of the other guys.

Misha B’s new video – On a different note (and one actually related to music in some shape or form), we have the first music video from Misha B! You can check out “Home Run” below, and it at least captures the energy of the catchy track. Do we wish that there was more to the actual video? Definitely! There’s really no storytelling here to speak off, and it is really just Misha and some backup dancers grooving using some different lighting and background colors. This works when you have already done a number of other things (see Beyonce and her “Single Ladies” video), but not when you are an artist coming straight out of the gate known only for your time on a reality show.

We do really want to see Misha do well, though — what happened to her on “The X Factor” last year with the bullying accusations was something that really had no place onĀ  television, and it caused her such damage to her image that she couldn’t really recover.

What do you find more interesting — the Demi and Niall romance rumors, or the new video? At the moment, we’re going with the rumors if for no other reason than that we are excited to see the reaction.


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