Adam Lambert gains 43 ‘Whataya Want From Me’ spins on the radio

Greg Hernandez

Usually when a song has been in the marketplace for over a year and a half, you generally start to see it decline slowly and surely over the years until it is barely played at all. The beautify for Adam Lambert at the moment, though, is that he can celebrate this week having a song that actually gained a decent amount of spins despite it being over 18 months since its original release as a single.

Specifically, we are talking here about “Whataya Want From Me,” which actually ended up gaining 43 spins in the past week to finish at the grand total of 1,789. Per USA Today, that makes the song the seventh-most-popular track from any “American Idol” alum on the radio (which is constant from the week before).

While we could be quick to claim that this increase is just a one-week aberration, it is not exactly fair to call it just that. With Adam having some new music on the horizon, it is reasonably likely that he could end up gaining some more spins as interest starts to pick up in what is coming down the road. (There’s nothing like new music to remind some casual fans of old music, after all.)

As always, check back soon for more weekly airplay updates on Adam, along with the future of his upcoming music on the radio.

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