The story behind Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and the #sorryjustin trend

Adam Sundana

Yet again, the price of being a teen idol is showing up yet again for Justin Bieber. If you look at the events that have transpired over the past 24 hours, then you will see both the positives and the extreme negatives that have come with the 17-year old being such a popular celebrity.

First, let’s start with what went down from a positive perspective Sunday. Selena Gomez was holding a concert in Orange County, and Justin decided to make a brief cameo appearance to sing both “Favorite Girl” and a cover of “Cry Me a River” to the praise of not only his girlfriend, but just about everyone in attendance.

However, not everyone has been nearly so kind to the couple online. The trend #sorryjustin has turned up on Twitter after one fan trying to take their hateful comments about Justin’s relationship with Selena to a new level, allegedly creating fake direct messages from the singer to get attention. Of course, fans immediately took to the internet to apologize as a collective for all of the “hate” that spreads — in particular since the vast majority of fans don’t even know Justin or Selena personally, so they have no idea whether or not they are good for each other.

This negativity just yet again shows the problems that are going on in this digital age, with some young people thinking that they can say whatever they want with zero consequence. We have seen other fans in the past attempt to fake an illness or even death to get Justin’s attention — and these people ultimately end up runing the positive experience for everyone else who are by and large supporting no matter what.

Are you surprised at how many people choose to spend their time on social-networking sites being hateful?

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