‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Samuel Larsen talks Dianna Agron pairing

It looks like Joe will be single.

Near the end of “Glee’s” fourth season, shipper fans everywhere got the opportunity to see a new couple together in Joe and Quinn … who had the makings of an “aww, shucks” puppy-dog romance going on as the home-schooled kid was helping the former Cheerio captain go through physical therapy following her car accident. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to work out — mostly because Ryan Murphy decided out of the blue that he needed to have Dianna Agron’s character kiss Puck during the season finale to satisfy all of those fans in the event that we never see them again. (Granted, we now know that this will not be the case.)

So is Samuel Larsen particularly bummed that his character didn’t get a relationship in some form with Quinn? Speaking to Wetpaint, the “Glee Project” season 1 winner decided to put on his positive pants and give an interesting perspective on the future of Joe’s love life:

“Yeah. I think that could have been cool, but at the same time, I think it’s important to convey that Joe as a character, he’s brand new to what real life is. He’s been so sheltered, I think it’s also a good way to interpret loss and heartbreak. Everyone remembers their first time going through that. It will make him stronger. It will build his character. He won’t be so timid anymore.”

At the moment, we just hope that we are not about to go through any substantial loss and heartbreak when it comes to Larsen’s character. He has not been announced yet as officially returning to the show, even though it seems logically that his character would still be at McKinley High — he doesn’t want to be home-schooled again, and there are going to have to be some people to take the place of the graduating seniors. Who better than a guy we already know — and one who also happens to have some pretty sweet dreadlocks?

Are there any current characters that you want to see Joe get romantic with next season? We’ll keep you up to date faster than it takes an episode of “Glee” to air a musical number.

Photo: Fox

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