‘True Blood’ spoilers: A ‘Terminator’ is coming to Bon Temps!

There's some big casting news coming out!

True Blood” has already brought on one memorable guest star for the season in Christopher Meloni — and now, they are bringing on board a living sci-fi icon to take on the noteworthy role of Alcide’s father.

Sources confirm that Robert Patrick — best known as the T-1000 from the “Terminator” movies — has been officially cast in the part of Jack Herveaux, which we have been hearing about ever since a wolf turned up during the season 4 finale. Strangely, this story was not addressed at all during Sunday night’s premiere — but considering that Alcide really only had about three or four minutes of screen time, it’s not like we had much of an opportunity to really delve into the werewolf’s head (or his past).

Regardless, expect Alcide to play a pretty major role in the weeks ahead, in particular when it comes to the possibility that he could be Sookie’s new Bill … or Eric. Let’s just hope that he does not do anything aggressive and/or evil and that it continues to work out.

Patrick has been appearing on just about every action-oriented series out there over the past few years, including “Chuck,” “NCIS,” “Burn Notice,” and the upcoming series “Last Resort.” Let’s hope that his character here is something more than a gruff military man since he already seems to have that part figured out pretty well already. We will first meet Jackson in a series of flashbacks that show both his son and Debbie Pelt in the 1980s, and then his story today will pick up from there.

Does this casting leave you howling at the moon, or are you just excited that more Alcide gives you more opportunities to gawk at the manliness that is Joe Manganiello? You know someone is pretty manly when they have “Man” at the beginning of their last name.

Photo: HBO

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