Justin Bieber chats with Matt Lauer, performs on ‘Today Show’

The performance aired Friday.

On Friday morning, “The Today Show” pretty much became the “Justin Bieber Show.” Snippets from the 18-year old’s songs played leading into every commercial, segments were preceded with the words “Today Gets Bieber Fever,” and it’s quite possible that the entire female population of New York City was standing outside in the streets waiting to catch a glimpse of him.

Before Justin started off his musical set on the show, he sat down with Matt Lauer for what was mostly an interview with soundbites we already know. The only thing that was notable? When Justin was given the honor of posting the first-ever message on Matt Lauer’s brand new Twitter account, and decided to make it a plug for his new album “Believe.” He’s also planning to help Lauer make it to 150,000 followers — and if he does, the head of social media for NBC is planning to streak around the studio. (We’re actually not sure if this a reward or a punishment.)

The only thing that didn’t seem to go 100% right for Justin was that it looked as though his pants were falling down for a good percentage of his performance on stage — at least during his first hit “Boyfriend.” Following this, he went into one of his biggest hits ever in “Baby” — which sounds a bit different now that he is older and his voice is more mature.

This “Today Show” performance is the first of what is going to be an extensive promotional tour for Bieber’s “Believe,” which launches on Tuesday. Next week, he will be appearing on “The View,” in addition to a number of other talk shows. After doing more than 100 interviews in the past two weeks, we’re sure that Justin is probably dying for a moment of solitude … but he’s going to be waiting for a while longer.

What did you think about “The Justin Bieber show” Friday morning?

Photo: NBC

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