‘The Pauly D Project’ finale review: One last spin

It's time to move forward.

In looking at the season (and possibly series) finale for “The Pauly D Project” Thursday night, there is really one question we have — did anything actually happen? In a season that was really full of near-misses when it comes to big moments, the last half-hour of the show was really inconsequential. The gang returned home from Puerto Rico, pondered over the future, and then ended up taking off to perform at Pauly’s high school in Rhode Island. We got a brief glimpse at the man before the blowout, but by and large the only feeling that we really got while watching it was burnout.

With all of our criticisms aside, there is one moment during this episode that we want to specifically focus on — when Pauly’s old teacher explained that he was a model student, was quiet in classes, and actually worked really hard to get good grades in a biology class that many people fail. This was the side of the man that we wish we had seen more of on this show. From a storytelling perspective, oftentimes we would get confessionals or narration telling us about how hard he works — but nobody every really showed us until we had this secondhand story. It added another layer to the “look at me, I’m famous” angle Pauly and his crew have been playing — even if there is still a major issue in the disconnect that there was between this show and “Jersey Shore.”

For a man who claims that Vinny is one of his best friends, why was his name never even mentioned over the course of his season? It made the actual world of Seaside Heights feel a little less genuine, even if Biggie and especially Jerry turned out to be entertaining TV characters in their own right. It was obviously a move to show that Pauly is more than just the man we see on his flagship reality show to not bring out Snooki or Vinny, and were this show more intimate it would have been justified. Unfortunately, all we really know about Pauly now after a full season is that he loves his family, loves to DJ, and can’t imagine being with one woman for the rest of his life just yet. If Vinny is a big part of that life as he says he is on “Jersey Shore”, we should have seen him or heard his name at least once. It’s as simple as that.

Let’s all walk out to the floor and send a few ceremonial fist-pumps Pauly’s way — the show was not exactly a success on all counts, but it was fascinating to watch as an exercise in seeing how one “Jersey Shore” cast members can do without the others. While we wish more actually happened over this season, it was still at times entertaining — and nobody can doubt Pauly’s talent (not even Deadmau5) as a DJ.

Do you think we’re selling Pauly’s season a little short? If so, we want to hear from you in the comment box below!

Photo: MTV

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