‘Suits’ premiere review: Was Mike [spoiler] from the firm?

As sharp as ever.

Suits” is all class — it’s wonderfully-styled, smart, and feels almost like an HBO show placed in USA’s body. For a network that was at one time known for soft, breezy shows that were fun but also forgettable, they are really going in a new direction when it comes to adding more substance to the table.

When it came to the show’s season 2 premiere Thursday, there was one question on the tongues of every fan of a sharp-dressed man — was Mike fired from the firm? The truth about his law school background (or lack thereof) was starting to come out, but unlike in the pilot episode of “Community” with Joel McHale’s character, he still ended up keeping his job (at least at first in the episode) thanks to some help from Harvey. He’s just too big of an asset to let go of — which is actually how we feel about this show and its network at the moment.

Unfortunately for Mike, there was still every other force in the universe working against him — including Jessica, who was adamant on letting him go. He also had some other issues on the table, including dealing with a self-initiated love triangle and trying to settle a case involving a young woman in the book industry who was getting completely stifled out of profits for her idea. This story in particular was powerful — while it was mostly self-contained within the scope of the hour, it was a perfect way to bring new fans into the show while keeping the faithful happy.

This publishing settlement also created a problem for Harvey, who realized that the longer the plaintiff here stalled in the case, the more she was holding up the key merger between the firms. Eventually, though, the case was settled — and what made this work out so well is that there really was no sob story behind it. Even the writer who had her work taken from her was working shrewdly with her own self-interest (and pocketbook) in mind. The resolution was nicely done — and for the firm, the merger can move forward. Wasn’t Patrick J. Adams stellar in this? He get more than a SAG Award nomination — the man has some serious chops.

Just as it looked like everything was right in Mike’s world, though, the ending presented a twist — with a major changing of the guard at the firm, Harvey told him to leave and never come back just before his secret hit the fan. The only way Harvey can fix this is by getting Jessica on his side, and with some clever manipulation on his end he managed to make it happen. So long as everyone who knows stays quiet, Mike could be fine.

Despite the fact that it has been months since we last saw these “Suits” on the air, the show came back in style. From the performances to the story, there’s quite a bit to like here — and while the dialog may occasionally be a bit dry, this is in some ways mirrored to “Mad Men” if Don Draper was a little less of a dog, and if he had a better sense of style.

Photo: USA

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