Fox’s ‘The Choice’ review: Joe Jonas and Parker Young stay classy

Why, Cat Deeley, why?

Following the equally cheesy “Take Me Out,” Cat Deeley came out with a new attempt to make “The Choice” something more than a derivative cattle call for superficial people. (When she said that name “Melanie” at one point early in the episode, we had a nightmare that Melanie Moore — the winner of last season’s “So You Think You Can Dance” — was also going to subject herself to this.)

The one thing that is keeping this show alive? That they at least found some decent celebrities to provide us with some one-liners, jokes about the male anatomy, and looks of disappointment when someone steals their woman out from under them.

Seth Wescott – As a professional snowboarder, he was clearly the one who was the most nervous and out of his element having random conversations with women for mere seconds at a time.

We don’t think Seth made the right choice, though — even if he did pick a lady with similar interests, he should have went for the woman who was clearly as nervous as he was and really wanted to give dating him a chance. It was a moment of vulnerability on this show — and that’s an achievement in itself.

Parker Young – Outside of “Suburgatory,” we really don’t know much about him. Thankfully, he did seem to be a pretty charming, easygoing, and engaging guy — plus, he also looks a little bit like Robin Thicke and that hair drives the ladies wild.

Parker had a tough time with his three ladies — one of them barely communicated with him, and another one (who looked a bit like Cher Lloyd) actually ordered him around. The fact that he picked the woman who was least reasonable with him was the biggest non-shocker of the entire evening.

Mike Catherwood – Remember that this guy is a shock jock so it wasn’t really a surprise that he is crude. It’s not exactly appealing to women, even if he was joking some of the time – okay all of the time.

Under this crazy “Psycho Mike” exterior, there seems to be a guy who genuinely wants to find somebody — even if finding it on a reality show with women you barely know is probably not the way to make it happen. He picked someone who is reasonably family-driven, and did not seem sorely focused on just his fame.

Joe Jonas – Before this show started, we knew that Joe was going to be the first guy to get three women on his team based on his celebrity factor alone. What surprised us was that he actually seemed to be really sweet and genuine, and didn’t act like he was someone who has women screaming his name on a minute-by-minute basis every day of his incredible life that makes us die a jealous death.

Joe actually may have found the best match of the night in Kimberly, a woman who he was clearly interested in from the get-go. She also seemed to be a really nice, caring person and this relationship could actually work out. That is, if they are even still together.

Anyone who hates “The Choice” is probably justified in doing so — it’s a ridiculous show, and we find it rather hilarious that a show meant to be about trying to judge people based on something other than their looks has in part become totally about their looks. What made this episode better than the premiere, though, was that there were a few ladies here who tried to at least talk about something other than their own appearance … even if it didn’t always get them somewhere.

So the question we pose to you tonight is – Do you think this show actually has a chance of making it to a second season?  Leave us your thoughts.

Photo: Fox

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