ABC’s ‘Duets’: John Legend still stunned over Meleana Brown elimination

John Legend: likely looking for a fire escape.

Ever since they pretty much told us that the entire first two weeks of “Duets” really did not matter at all, the show had lost just about all credibility that it once had — but when Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Nettles, and Robin Thicke all decided to send home Meleana Brown home, it felt like we were playing a game of “Survivor” and they had just voted off someone who had won a few immunity challenges. They wanted to get rid of a threat — and in the case of Robin, he obviously still wanted a team member in the race.

The performance show on Wednesday night taped weeks ago, so the “superstar mentors” have had some time to digest the inexplicable travesty that was the elimination of Meleana Brown. Do they have any regrets? Kelly, Jennifer, and Robin don’t seem to, but John Legend certainly seems to disagree. In a post on Twitter, Legend admitted that he is still a little unsure how she ended up getting sent home and he’s not the only one. Unfortunately, he didn’t say much more than that — and we don’t know if the pools of rage are building up in him like they are in us – then again, can anyone who sings so sweetly ever be so angry?

So when will this show start to make more sense? That’s what we are still unsure about. It’s been four weeks now, the ratings are falling, and we really still don’t have an idea who most of these singers are outside of their names and what they look like. Then, when you add to that decisions that make no sense, it becomes the lowest common denominator in a genre that already has approximately a million other options to watch. We really want to like “Duets,” but eliminations like Meleana turn us into the Darth Vader of TV writers.

If Meleana had stayed, do you think that she could have ended up winning? We do, and we want to hear from you below!

Photo: ABC

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