‘The X Factor’: Nicole Scheringer becoming full-time judge … in the UK

This is how we felt last fall.

Fans of Rachel Crow, do not fear — Nicole Scherzinger is not coming back to “The X Factor” in America for another season of her ever changing accent depending on what audition city she is in. Instead, it now appears like she is going to be heading back to a country where she is widely embraced –Britain.

Rumor has it (via the Daily Mail) that the former Pussycat Dolls singer is expected be offered a full-time position on the show’s panel next season in the coming days, and we are still flabbergasted by it for one reason — does she really want to go back to a place where she was booed off the stage?

Strange as it may seem, though, the two “X Factor” shows are very different. Watching the American version is like watching grown men and women tip-toe around on eggshells in fear of hurting someone’s feelings (America = land of the sensitive.) Meanwhile, in Britain both the judges and the audience will tell it like it is, and there is no backlash or tabloid headlines that come out of it. In America, Nicole was likely afraid of being called nasty names and didn’t want to have an opinion — in Britain, being a strong, confident judge is embraced. (Look at Tulisa!)

As much as we criticized her “X Factor” performance here (and criticize we did), Nicole should do just fine in the UK. She’s already won the crowd over as a guest judge for an audition round, and she elicited far more cheers from the audience in her one performance on the show last year than she did any week here in America, where everything seemed to be too orchestrated based on the person auditioning. (Take a look below at Nicole the rocker!)

We’ll be covering the show overseas all season — so if the rumors turn out to be true, then she’s definitely going to get an opportunity at redemption. Let’s just hope that she doesn’t come face to face where any tough decisions before she finds her footing on the show.

Photo: Fox

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