‘Royal Pains’ review: Did Hank and Evan sort things out?

The conflict continued.

There’s been a rather interesting shift when it comes to USA as of late — their shows have taken on a more serialized feel, and we are getting to see how some of their characters handle situations in long-form stories rather than just hour-long vignettes.

When it comes to “Royal Pains,” we’re already well aware of the polarizing nature of the story. Evan and Hank are at odds with each other over how to run their business, and with that in mind they are each trying to run their individual business to varying effects. In this episode, we clearly saw their individual strengths — Evan is a smart businessman with no idea of medicine, whereas his brother is a skilled physician who needs assistance to make the business work.

As Hank tried to care for Jill’s nephew (and Evan handed a CT scan to someone who really didn’t even need one), they each also had another mission in their minds — trying to recruit a reluctant Divya to pick a side. They each made some valid arguments (and gave some flowers), and in the end she actually decided to work for both of them rather than having to pick a side. Does this make things confusing? Sure, but it also hilariously makes the conflict between the brothers seem that much more petty. We realize that HankMed will probably get itself back together at some point, but we’re happy that the writers are committing to this story of the brothers apart in business rather than them coming back together in the blink of an eye.

Overall, we are really enjoying the new dynamic to “Royal Pains” this season. There are still enough elements of a “story of a week” to keep the familiarity within the show, while the long-term story is equally engaging. All in all, it’s a great start to the new season two weeks in — and thanks to Jill’s job falling through, it looks like we could be seeing a lot more of her.

What did you think about this episode, and are you enjoying the dynamic of this new season so far?

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