Andrew Garfield dresses as Spider-Man for Comic-Con panel (video)

Sony Pictures

In what may e one of the most touching displays of fandom we have ever seen from an actor at Comic-Con, Andrew Garfield was so willing to embrace his role as Spider-Man for the upcoming “Amazing Spider-Man” movie that he made his surprise appearance at the film’s panel in costume.

Dressed in a cheap costumed version of the web-slinger, Garfield talked about how it was his “dream” to be at the convention before ultimately unmasking himself to great applause. From there, he talked about his love for the hero as a child, and how it helped him tremendously to see a superhero that he could somehow relate to — something in which he praised Stan Lee for time and time again.

Garfield ultimately dropped the costume for a more comfortable t-shirt and jeans, but in the span of a few minutes he may have een able to tease the concerns of a number of doubters that we needed yet another version of the franchise so quickly. While there was passion behind the original, seeing the love of for Spidey coming from the lead actor himself simply makes you pull at the heartstrings.

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