‘So You Think You Can Dance’ review: Leroy Martinez wins over the world

Who doesn't love Salt Lake City?

Over the years, Salt Lake City has become a hotbed for “So You Think You Can Dance” talent. This time around, this rang true more than ever. We had krumpers, people acting like insects, and even a few faces that you probably have seen before on this show.

As per usual, we’re going to look at all of the featured dancers from the night — including a few that did not make it on to Las Vegas.

Moving on

Whitney Carson – Despite the fact that this girl still had on braces, she came on and promised to be “sensual” with her ballroom moves (to put it lightly). We haven’t seen much ballroom on this season so far, and from that standpoint what Whitney brought to the show was a breath of fresh air.

Dee Tomasetta – Do we have a new favorite to go far in this competition? Definitely. Dee — despite the “Jersey Shore” music during her opening audition — was incredibly talented, expressive, and also personable. It takes more than just dance quality to win this competition, and she may very well have it.

Gene Lonardo – These are the sort of contestants we love, mostly because they come out looking rather ridiculous and turn out to be great. Gene came out with a routine themed all around the praying mantis, and all this made us do is want to pray for more. It was a thoroughly entertaining, creative routine.

Lindsay Arnold – Another ballroom dancer! Salt Lake turned out to be a great showcase for this style — and while Lindsay was not anywhere near as good as Whitney, she was still good enough to make it beyond this round and into future stages of the competition.

Mariah Spears – Who doesn’t love krumping? We haven’t seen a femalel krumper we’ve seen in a long time, and she was rather fantastic at it. Credit has to be given to Nigel Lythgoe and the editing team for making this such a surprise. She was absolutely stellar, but unfortunately they put through to choreography before getting the ticket to Vegas later, when we think she should’ve just gone through to Vegas.

Darien Kujawa – We apologize in advance for the spelling, but we thought it was better to try than to write “shirtless guy who talked about Hawaii.” Regardless, this guy is a phenomenal dancer with great form and fluid movements.

Adrian Lee – Two seasons ago, Adrian was so devastated getting sent home before the live show that he didn’t want anything to do with the show for a year. However, he regretted not auditioning last year and decided to come back stronger than ever. This time, his odds of making it to the live show are pretty strong.

Rachel Applehans – Rachel’s big selling point was that she pretty much danced with as little clothing on as she was allowed to wear, but when it comes to dancing there really wasn’t much there. She was pushed through to choreography based on the skill that she did have.

Sent home

Murphy Yang – When it comes to song selection, this was one of the more unusual routines we’ve seen — we love Murphy’s story of picking himself up during tough times with the help of his girlfriend, but his hip-hop skills were not the best we have ever seen.

Lynn Gravatt – After watching this elaborate introduction, we really wanted to see Lynn do well — mostly so that we could think that hearing her go on and on about channeling a constellation in her body was worthwhile.

Instead, all her dancing really managed to tell us was that her mind may very well be in outer space.

Johnny Ahn and Whitney Hailan – First things first, we have to say that this Johnny guy is absolutely insane. Does he really think that some of his thoughts on women really work? The self-proclaimed love guru seemed to be striking out with every woman in attendance at these auditions, but his dancing was at least slightly better. We really feel the worst for Whitney here, who has to put up with this shtick on a daily basis only to not get a ticket to Vegas.

Leroy Martinez – In closing out the show, Leroy brought everyone to their feet for a routine that was simply moving — and a giant ball of fun. He had an incredibly inspiring story, and made it through choreography despite being one of the most unlikely contenders ever.

We knew that it would be unfair for him to get through to Vegas based on dancing ability, but we were at least pleased to see him make it through to choreography. By far, he was one of our favorite auditions of the entire competition.

Who were your favorites over the course of this two-hour episode?

Photo: Fox

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