‘The Glee Project’ interview: Dani Shay on her ideal ‘Glee’ character

Dani was eliminated Tuesday.

On Tuesday night’s new episode of “The Glee Project,” we actually ended up seeing two contestants leave under entirely different circumstances. First, we had a young woman in Taryn leave after she realized that she could not be away from her family. Then, Dani Shay was sent home after being basically told that her style of music was not really the right fit for the show.

While Taryn was not available to speak with reporters on Wednesday, we did have a chance to chat briefly with Dani (also known thanks to YouTube and her time on “America’s Got Talent“) about her time on the show — and what sort of “Glee” character she imagined herself being had she won an extended season 4 arc.

Cartermatt.com – Was there anything that you wish you had done while you there that you weren’t able to?

Dani Shay – The first week, everyone was in an adjustment period. I feel like I was in my head a lot the first few weeks, and I was kind of getting myself used to it. I wish I had a chance to show a little bit more of my wit, my humor, and my rapping skills and singing … a little bit more of my attitude that you would see in an everyday life sort of situation with me.

I actually think that you brought an energy to the show that isn’t really on ‘Glee’ already. What sort of character do you think you would have played on the show?

I did see myself being an androgynous and mysterious sort of character, and then as you get to know me I can be a truth-teller — very honest with myself. I would push my love interest and my friends beyond labels, sexuality categories, and things like that.

As far as musically, I did feel like it would be cool to have a folky singer-songwriter vibe in the mix. That’s what I wanted to do. I knew that I would have to adapt to certain situations, but I really wanted to bring my vibe to the show.

With Dani and Taryn now gone, who are you rooting for to win this season?

Photo: Oxygen

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