‘Hell’s Kitchen’ review: The wrong kind of lamb meat

Anyone hungry for lamb?

What’s with “Hell’s Kitchen” becoming more and more like “Fear Factor” in recent weeks? We wrote about this last week during the first two episodes, but yet again Tuesday night we saw a situation where being grossed out took too big of a hold in the episode.

Basically, we saw a situation where the losing team of the initial challenge (which was actually a nice showcase of the chefs’ creativity with lamb dishes) had to actually eat a certain part of the lamb’s anatomy that was more than a little bit disgusting. The only thing that was impressive here was that Kimmie (who is quickly becoming one of the legends of this season along with Guy) actually ate five of the things.

Away from the gross-out moment, the rest of the episode was pretty stellar — from the early challenge to a dinner service featuring Gordon Ramsay kicking out half of the contestants for various mistakes. At the moment Kimmie, Guy, Patrick, and Christina seem to be the likely final four — with Clamenza and Barbie possibly sneaking into black jacket territory simply due to being interesting characters.

As for who actually was in trouble this week, it was pretty obvious — Brian (as likable as he is) and Don completely tanked throughout the entire service, and we’re not entirely convinced that Brian has ever cooked fish before in his life. Meanwhile, the ladies (who also lost the challenge) put up Roshni (again) and Danielle for their own mistakes.

It was no surprise to see the bumbling chef Don go home — even if he was entertaining. What was a surprise? Seeing Roshni get moved over to the Blue Team in a last-ditch hope that she can actually accomplish something this season.

Are you going to miss Don and his awkwardness moments, and who are you rooting for?

Photo: Fox

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