‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Lindsey Norton, Big Barry stand out

We returned to Tampa Bay this week.

This week on “America’s Got Talent,” we traveled back to a place in Tampa Bay that previously hosted an audition this season, and overall this show had the same sort of hit-or-miss quality. The problem with the good acts is that we have seen many like them before, and the problem with the bad acts … that’s probably obvious.

The successful auditions

The Untouchables – This is hardly the same Untouchables that we have seen in the movies. This was actually a pretty fun dance team of youngsters with a unique connection to the show’s past — their coaches are the same couple who led the Miami All-Stars last season all the way to the top ten.

American BMX Stunt Team – There have been BMX acts on the show before, but what made this group a little bit more impressive was that they also threw in some new people, including a guy on a unicycle along with an inline skater. We don’t know how much variety they will continue to bring, but for now we’re at least sold on them going to Las Vegas.

Lindsey Norton – There aren’t too many solo dancers on this show that bring something different than just street moves, so Lindsey was captivating. While she needs to find more of a story within her moves, she has a great sense of athleticism along with an ability to contort her body.

Big Barry – The final act of the night was put through, really for no apparent reason at all. This 70-year old singer sounded almost like Bob Dylan if Bob Dylan had suddenly aspired to be Frank Sinatra. Have we really fallen this far from Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. in just one season?

The unsuccessful auditions

Twiggy the Water-skiing Squirrel – Had we not already seen this on a hundred or so YouTube videos, we would be impressed — but there really is not that much that is appealing about watching a Las Vegas show themed around a squirrel going around and around in a pool.

Puppets On Hand – We almost hate the obnoxious booing of the audience here, mostly because their puppet skills were actually pretty cute. Were they great? No, but the judges have put through far worse.

Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew – It has to be a hard life to be a rapping pirate group. It’s not cool, it’s not even really talent, and it was really rather sad to watch. Is this what it takes to get on TV?

Who was your favorite contestant from this round of auditions?

Photo: NBC

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