‘Pretty Little Liars’ review: A new Jenna problem — and Spencer is stunned

What happened this week?

After being largely absent during last week’s season premiere, “Pretty Little Liars” this week saw the return of Jenna in a very big way — not to mention a few other major players in Rosewood.

While the Liars were in the midst of trying to figure out just who was sending them threats now with Mona locked away in Radley Sanitarium, Jenna was busy actually making an offer to Aria to actually work on some music together. In the process, she was continuing to hide the fact that she regained her vision at the end of last season — at least until some comments from Toby led to Spencer finally figuring out the truth about her operation. Rather than letting the cat out of the bag, though, the Liars have decided to hold on to this information until they can use it. (Unfortunately, we still don’t know what sort of intentions Jenna had with her music invitation.)

As for what else Aria had on her plate, it was pretty simple — Meredith was applying for a job at the school, and it brought back some terrible memories of her trashing her dad’s office over two years ago. In finally fessing up to this, though, Aria ended up accidentally making a pretty shocking discovery courtesy of an earring — Meredith may not have been the only person that Byron was sleeping with at the time of his affair.

Aria also in this episode convinced her boyfriend Ezra to help Emily study for her make-up exam, but it really didn’t go according to plan. Why? Let’s just say that she got caught up thanks to flashing back to “that night,” and things aren’t looking good for her when it comes to actually becoming a senior … at least until her Aria’s mom decided to do the most unethical thing ever and answer Emily’s questions for her. (Was somebody watching her do it, though? If so, let’s anticipate more blackmail…)

When it comes to the other ladies, Spencer started to land in hot water with her mother over meeting with Officer Garrett in prison — even though she was quick to find out that her mother had actually agreed to represent him. Thanks to this, though, Garrett no longer seems particularly interested in talking. He has what he wants in a lawyer, and we have to really wait and see what comes next.

Hanna was also hiding secrets of her own in her frequent visits to Mona. It was in this scene, though, that we had the biggest issue with this episode — there’s no way that Wren would disclose so much information about Hanna visiting “A” to anyone, even her boyfriend. Why was he so quick to spill the beans? That and the “medical records” comment from earlier already have us more than a little bit suspicious about the “good doctor.” Mona inside did finally open up, but didn’t really share much in the process outside of talking about the texts. Is this evidence that she is really working for someone larger? Let’s leave that as a “maybe” for now.

Ultimately, it really didn’t take long for this season to have us hooked. There were all sorts of great moments here across the board, and we always enjoy watching some of the adults cause just as many problems as the students.

What did you think about this week’s episode?

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