‘Glee’ season 4: Revisiting Susan Boyle, Justin Timberlake, other old rumors

Who should join in?

At this point in time, we might as well be honest about it — Ryan Murphy is going to stuff as many guest stars onto the upcoming season of “Glee” as he can. Sometimes (see Neil Patrick Harris) it ends up being pretty entertaining; other times (think Olivia Newton-John), it turns out to be a waste of everyone’s time.

Over the years, “Glee” has been the target of quite possibly more false casting stories than any other show in existence — which is really where the source of this article comes from. For so long, one of the biggest arguments against having certain celebrity actors appear at McKinley High was that it would be strange to see them there. Could you really make Susan Boyle or Jennifer Lopez into lunch ladies, and why would a rock star played by Javier Bardem be there?

With all of this in mind, we’re going to revisit five of the most-discussed rumors in the history of the show, and analyze based on what we know where they could fit into season 4.

Javier Bardem – This one is the most interesting, mostly in that it legitimately seemed to be happening until it suddenly wasn’t. The Oscar-winner already has a relationship with Murphy, and would still probably come on as a rock star (as was the story the first time). The difference? He would probably now need to be in New York City, since there’s still little need for a rocker to see Artie in Lima (which, if you remember, was the original story).

Susan Boyle – With the announcement of Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson coming on the show as mentors, wouldn’t the former “Britain’s Got Talent” star be perfect in a similar role? Rather than having to take on some cheesy lunch lady part as suggested last time, she could now be a Broadway icon who Rachel Berry is desperate to meet or even work with.

Jennifer Lopez – The good thing about J.Lo is that if she ever really wanted to be on the show, she could play pretty much anyone — she has enough range and personality to make it work. Considering that the show is already planning some tie-ins to “The X Factor” in the fall (including another Britney Spears tribute), why not invite Lopez for a guest spot if she stays on “American Idol?” After all, it’s brand synergy!

Justin Timberlake – This rumor never picked up too much steam when it first surfaced, but we still believe that he would be a lock to play Matthew Morrison’s brother. Remember the days when Will was actually the lead character on the show? We’d like to see a return to that.

Taylor Swift – Couldn’t you see Taylor being the perfect new friend for Rachel in New York? This rumor never really rose beyond chatter, but when it comes to her acting experience and musical talent, it seems to be one of the most logical suggestions for casting producers to throw out there.

With the cast of main characters being shrunk down, the door is going to be open for more guests — now, it’s just a question of whether Murphy will get some big names, or some faces better suited for specific situations.

Are there any celebrity guest stars that you want on the show next season, or are you saying a giant “no” to the whole idea of more celebrities taking away from the main characters?

Photo: Fox

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