Is Charlie Sheen to blame for Denise Richards, Richie Sambora break up?

She's on her own again

Mrs Carter: Is Charlie really to blame?

Denise Richards and Richie Sambora have been involved in a long term on again/off again relationship with one another, but as happy as these two have been – the romance is already over yet again.

So what was the reason for Denise and Richie to call it quits this time?  A Source tell E! News that the pair ended their relationship after they had an explosive argument before heading CMT Awards, where Sambora was presenting.

The couple was said to be at the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville when witnesses heard them shouting at each other. The insider said that the fight was over Denise’s ex, Charlie Sheen, and that Sambora was having an issue with how close she and Sheen were.  They said;

“Sambora apparently doesn’t like Richards’ close relationship with her former husband. He’s even asked her to stop having contact with Sheen.  They have two children together. How can she not be in touch with him?”

Neither Richards nor Sambora have confirmed that the alleged fight was the reason for their split at this time.

When couples ultimately decide that enough’s enough and it’s time to break up, the decision is rarely as simple as we got into a fight and now it’s over. Richards and Sambora have been together (on and off) for over five years – that’s a long time to end a relationship over one fight (even if it was totally epic), so we are a little skeptical as to if this rumored fight is the sole reason these two broke up.

Is there hope for these two to reconcile in the future?  It depends – if there really is a bone of contention between these two when it comes to her spending time with the father of her children then Sambora will always lose, because one thing that Denise has always been adamant about it’s that her children come first and that includes having Charlie in their lives as well as hers.

Photo: Glenn Francis

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