‘MasterChef’ review: Fun with ground beef

Who moved on?

MasterChef” managed to accomplish quite a bit over the course of its hour — not only did they finish up their audition rounds, but they also had the first challenge with a mass elimination.

The new contenders – There really aren’t too many major highlights here, though we did love David Martinez — the teary-eyed cook from Chicago who was so passionate we thought he would faint before he could even get away from Gordon Ramsay and the other judges.

The challenge – What we love about this show is that they take something so simple, and then at times allow the creativity to run wild. The amateurs with white aprons had to cook a dish using ground beef as a primary ingredient, and there were so many different recipes that came as a result.

Before the judges really even looked at the dishes up close, though, they decided to divide up the cooks. Some contestants (including the 7′ former college basketball star and unemployed Ryan) got to move on immediately, and some others (military man Joel) were sent packing immediately.

As for the remaining contestants, their fate was a little bit more unclear as the judges tasted the remaining dishes. How did some of your favorites fare?

Anna and AJ – The husband-and-wife duo were split up as Anna advanced, whereas her husband did not.

Christine – It is incredibly fascinating watching the show’s only blind contestant still find a way to cook without one of the necessary senses — even to the point of her being better than some of her other contenders. Regardless of how well she does moving forward, she’s going to be a star. Luckily, she will be here for a little while longer.

Bubba – Sadly, it was back to the swamp for this southern favorite.

Monti – With her strange name and her son named “Danger,” we are going to see plenty more of her this season.

David – We just talked about his audition, and he is now the final member of the “MasterChef” top 18.

What did you think about this episode, and are you hankering to go get a package of ground beef like we are after watching all of this?

Photo: Fox

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