‘The Bachelorette’ review: A sick Emily Maynard vs. Kalon McMahon

What did Kalon do?

This week on “The Bachelorette,” Emily Maynard spreads the common cold! Yes, there was plenty that happened this week outside of Emily being sick, but you could hear it in her voice during every date and confessional. It just goes to show you that there’s no time to rest when you’re dating so many men at one time.

We won’t spend too much time here on the individual dates (mostly because they went off without a hitch), mostly because we have plenty to talk about courtesy of a couple of controversial guys.

1-on-1 Date (Sean Lowe) – This was the date that cemented Sean as a serious threat to win Emily’s heart. There was passion, open communication, and plenty of kissing going on. (In other words, Sean is probably sick now.)

Are you surprised at all that he got a rose? Don’t be.

Group Date – We could go on and on about Ryan going over-the-top here when it comes to the “Romeo & Juliet”-themed portion of the date, but let’s face it — everyone is really going to be talking about Kalon McMahon. What was really interesting here is that we never actually heard him say that Emily Maynard’s daughter Ricki was “baggage,” even though he did end up admitting to it later.

This really was a bit of an unusual situation, though. Rather than being relieved after sending Kalon packing, Emily was furious at the other guys for not telling her. While she could not understand why, we can think of a reason — last season, Ben Flajnik didn’t want people coming to him with information about the other contestants — and he punished his Emily because of it. Isn’t it possible that Emily could have done the same thing? We still think somebody should have been brave enough to stand up, but they didn’t. With that, Emily didn’t give anyone a rose on the date. While she was upset at all of the men for not telling her about Kalon’s comments, she was extra hurt that Arie Luyendyk Jr. didn’t tell her since their connection has been air tight since the beginning.

1-on-1-Date (Jef Holm) – It didn’t take long for Jef to put a smile back on Emily’s face. He told her immediately about Kalon’s comments, and said that he told him to go home if he wasn’t interested in being part of Ricky’s life.

Just like with Sean before, Jef really set the tone to be here for a long time. He has a great relationship with Emily already, and he also brings something rather different to the table when it comes to his personality and ambition. He got a rose, and thus there were two people safe going into the rose ceremony. Jef and Emily shared their first kiss (finally!) and there was some definite chemistry between them. (Does anyone else feel that Jef is one of the most genuine people to ever be on the show? If he doesn’t find love here, let’s hope he does somewhere.)

The Rose Ceremony – With Kalon¬†gone, there was only one person who was sent home — and it was someone who we have barely seen this season. Alejandro Velez is now out of the competition, and there are eight guys who are going to be joining Emily as she moves forward to Croatia.

The thing that really causes us the most worry here is her keeping around Ryan Bowers — a man who obviously is here to win (or be the next “Bachelor”) more than be with Emily, and whose cheesy stunts are bordering on barf-bag worthy. (Thankfully, it looks like Arie Luyendyk Jr. — who did not really step up much this week when it came to Kalon — is going to turn it around and tell her the truth about him.)

What did you think of how Emily (and the guys) handled the Kalon situation?

Photo: ABC

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