‘Hell’s Kitchen’ review: Did the Blue Team end their losing streak?

The blue team finally won

After last Tuesday’s episode of “Hell’s Kitchen,” it looked as though there were some lines drawn in the sand. Everyone was against Barbie on the Red Team and Royce on the Blue Team — and over the course of the episode, the fate of one of them managed to change.

Before we get to the dinner service that really mattered, we had first a shocker — a service at lunch where no one was thrown out! Of course, the chefs were just cooking burgers and pizza, but there was some pressure in it thanks to them cooking for some newly-made United States citizens. These are a group of people we don’t typically see on TV, so this at least was a nice shake-up from the traditional challenges.

Speaking of tradition, we saw another one here as the ladies ended up winning their fifth straight challenge. While they took off with Gordon Ramsay on a safari, ¬†the men (led by Patrick) managed to actually unify. Thanks to this (and Royce speaking with his boss, who is the “Hell’s Kitchen” season 1 runner-up), he seemed to finally wake up and do a good job in the kitchen for dinner season.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for everyone else in the kitchen. Clamenza nearly had a gigantic meltdown in cooking the beef Wellington, and Barbie struggled to actually make scallops (which, at this point, should be like riding a bike). Ultimately, Kimmie and Briana’s failures on the meat station ended up being what got them thrown out. The Blue Team ironically did a better job in this service than the women had all season.

Briana actually took responsibility for her actions and put herself up on the block, and (of course) the rest of the women decided to throw Barbie under the bus again. Chef Ramsay decided to put Roshni in danger, too, mostly because he felt as though she completely sank during service (even if we saw very little of it).

Unsurprisingly, Ramsay decided to keep drama Barbie around for another week, and Briana was sent packing in yet another shocker. After all, she wasn’t that terrible.

What did you think about this episode?

Photo: Fox

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