TNT’s ‘Dallas’ remake: Cast talks expectations, teases return

The show premieres Wednesday.

On Wednesday night, one of the most iconic series of all time is going to return to TV — “Dallas.” The show in itself is a pretty massive risk for cable network TNT to be take, primary for a pair of reasons:

1. You’re not only bringing back a story that was beloved by tens of millions of people, but you are also bringing back some familiar actors and characters.

2. If the show fails, you are really going to be ridiculed for the rest of your life for ruining something great.

The good news when it comes to “Dallas” is that based on all of the pre-show interviews, everyone associated with the show (including Larry Hagman) feels as though it is a natural extension of the original product — even if it is 20 years after the fact. Speaking on “The Today Show” Monday morning, he and a number of the other actors actually spent some time talking about stepping into this world, what the new show will be like, and whether or not there was any debate as to the decision to bring the show back at all.

Are you planning to check out the show Wednesday night?

Photo: TNT

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